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CBD Oils and Creams

At Baldrock, we believe in our hemp – that’s why we create our CBD sustainably and organically. We know you’ll enjoy the natural benefits of our CBD products.

Why CBD?

The Cannabid sativa plant has an endless number of products and uses. It is an amazing example of using what the earth gives us to naturally and sustainably improve our lives.

Learn about using hemp as a natural remedy

100% Organic, From Capsules to Creams

All of our CBD products are organic and created from hemp that we’ve farmed using eco-friendly practices. Hemp is believed to be a healing crop, and we’re proud to offer you CBD that is free of any harmful chemicals or pesticides guaranteed. 

All-Natural Cannabinoid Oil

Grown and made on our farms and lab-tested for purity, this full-spectrum CBD oil is our take on the most classic and versatile way to have your CBD. We offer this oil in concentrations of 600mg and 1200mg and four flavors: Lemon, Natural, Peppermint, and Spearmint.

CBD Capsules

Our capsules are an easy addition to your routine and contain a full-spectrum blend of CBD to provide you with a satisfying, reliable balance of remedies. These capsules are blended with curcumin and ginger and have a CBD concentration of 750mg.

CBD Relief Cream

Our CBD Relief Cream is a soothing, topical cream that contains 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD. It’s the perfect way to naturally provide your skin with comfort.

All-Natural Pet Food Supplement Cannabinoid Oil

We’ve created our Pet Food Supplement CBD Oil with your best friend in mind. Adding this to your pet’s food will provide them with the same natural benefits that our other products will for you. It’s flavored with bacon and herbs, so your pet is sure to enjoy it!

About Our Hemp

We believe in our hemp, and whether you are new to CBD or not, we know you’ll believe in our hemp too.


At Baldrock, we are farmers at heart and care for our crops. We grow our hemp with 100% organic farming practices; this yields a healthy harvest and allows us to give you beneficial CBD, free of pesticides and artificial growth regulators.

Lab-Tested to Prove Purity and Potency

Each one of our products has undergone comprehensive lab testing to ensure potency and purity from anything harmful. We believe in our hemp – that’s why we’ve provided these testing results on every product page for your viewing.

An Effective Natural Remedy

One of the most common reasons to begin exploring CBD is its many healing properties. CBD can act as a natural remedy to help us improve our quality of life; it has provided relief to many for whom more common remedies just weren’t providing the restoration that they needed. CBD may be used to:

  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Supporting a more comfortable life
  • Helping to get a great night’s sleep
  • Improving energy and mental clarity

The benefits one can gain from CBD are not limited to physical health and wellness; many also effectively use it to help combat negative emotions and maintain an overall sense of well-being.

baldrock hemp farms, cbd oils and creams

Full Spectrum of Benefits

Many of CBD’s healing and restorative properties are characteristic of a variety of cannabinoids on a spectrum. Our CBD products include a full range of cannabinoids to provide you with a universal harmony of beneficial properties.

Whether you are looking to relax, improve your mental focus, or simply try something new in your routine, Baldrock’s full-spectrum CBD blend provides you with the remedy you’re looking for. There’s no need to concern about finding the right CBD with properties that will suit your needs – our CBD is balanced across the board.

Baldrock Hemp Farms: Farmers You Can Trust

Nestled in St. Clair County, Alabama, Bobby Isbell Jr. and Bobby Isbell III started as poultry farmers with a passion for agriculture, their land, and their livelihood. So when Alabama’s hemp market began to form in 2019, it was their shared love for agriculture that had them decide to get in on the ground floor of this new industry. 

And that’s when Baldrock Hemp Farm LLC was born. As some of Alabama’s first farmers to locally source the highly versatile Cannabis Sativa plant, they knew they wanted to do the process their way: Sustainably, all-natural, and all organic.

Farming Sustainably

As farmers, we see firsthand how much the earth gives to us every day, and we aim to give back. We practice sustainable farming to yield an organic crop; that means no harmful pesticides, unnatural chemicals, and respect the land on which we farm.

This is how we guarantee you all-natural, all-organic CBD, free of anything that would contradict our hemp’s healing remedies. It may be going the extra mile, but it’s what we believe in.

A Passion For Our Hemp

The CBD we produce with our hemp gives our customers an all-natural option for aiding their health and wellness. We see our farm as an opportunity to use what the earth provides us to naturally and sustainably improve our lives, and we make the most of that opportunity every day.

With so many choices in CBD, our passion for our hemp is what distinguishes us from the rest. We’re proud of the healing virtues we’re able to provide with our hemp.

baldrock hemp farms, cbd oils and creams

A Family Farm

Family is at the center of Baldrock Hemp Farm; we’re family-owned and family-run. Before Baldrock, we were a family farm, so when we decided to begin farming hemp, this business would be a part of our family.

Our Promise to You

We believe in our hemp, and whether you are new to CBD or not, we know you’ll believe in our hemp too. With so many options to choose from, our CBD stands out as a quality, reliable option.

We guarantee that every one of our CBD products is made for you organically, sustainably, and free of unnatural chemicals.

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We’re happy to offer you a sustainable, organic, all-natural option for quality CBD. Please browse our online shop to order from our selection of full-spectrum CBD products.



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